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Open Labor Day till at least 3 pm. We may close early if it is dead in town and let our employees spend some time with their families on this holiday.

Featuring crystals & stones, herbs & botanicals, divination tools and ritual supplies. Click on links in pictures below to take you to the products pages.

tumbled stones, crystals
ritual herbs & botanicals

Check out our Fairy and Dragon Statues when you are in town- They're amazing!  Also, several new singing bowls in stock now- In store only, not available on web

mystical aroma spray misters
wiccan ritual supplies


If you are in town visiting Gettysburg, stop by and check us out, you will find our prices are lower than most, and our selections quite extensive. We do not currently carry large speciman pieces ,(the ones that run into the hundreds of dollars) however, we have some nice hand size and slighlty larger ones that are affordable, as well as obelisk, spheres, wands, worry stones, pyramids etc.  

Meet our Crystal Wand Family

Kathy O'Dell, proprietor & author of Crystal Rhythms

Karyn H, Manager & Tracey R, Chief Information Officer


The Crystal Wand Shop


Teresa H., Crystal Room Queen

IMG_1954 (3).jpg

 Lisa R, Our regular Medium & Animal communicator
& LindaT.-Card Reader

Janelle K. Medium
& Card Reader

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