Please note- The information given in these videos is NOT meant to replace your doctors advice. The healing suggestions and uses are in metaphysical terms ONLY. We are only speaking of how the crystals seem to affect a person spiritual body or auric field when it comes to healings becasue we believe that if you take care of problems in the auric field or spirit body, then that will influence the physical body and assist it in healing. Do not substitute the stones for any medications you may be on.  Many people do feel as though they have helped them with physical ailments, myself included, however we will never recommend you ignore your doctors advice. 

Hoping we can re-open shop sometime in May, of course won't know till state tells us

Anyhow, busy filling orders best I can, usually getting things out within 24 hours at this point.  Will continue to add items as time allows. Just shoot me an email if you are looking for something not listed yet and I wil see if it is in stock and can list it for you.  I try to respond to emails within 24 hours .( no sense asking any body else, as everyone else has been temporarily furloughed and aren't in the shop so have no way of checking stock!

Want to thank all our regulars for sticking by us during this crisis and wish you all good health and happy days!

Katie O'Dell


Don't forget to stop at our Sanitation Station to don a free pair of vinyl gloves to wear while perusing our stones and other products in our shop.  WE WILL GIVE YOU 10% OFF YOUR ENTIRE BILL IF YOU WEAR THE GLOVES WHILE SHOPPING (Once we resume business as usual)

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