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Smoky quartz is my go to stone for releasing negative energy when it builds up inside. This stone has the ability to cleanse your entire auric field and drain away negative attachments and blockages, sending them back down through the grounds from which they sprang.  Working through the root chakra, it is an excellent grounding stone, helping to anhor one to the here and now  and when used in meditative spiritual cleasnings can clear your spirit  of draining energies allowing you to feel whole again. It can also shield you from electro magnmetic pollutions in the enviroment and physically it supports the muschles in general and   .  Smoky Quartz is a protective stone of the first level and will help protect your spirit from negative attachments and the slings and arrows of daily life when worn on a regular basis.  Current stock is just around an inch in size, some maybe a little smaller, but all good!the organs of eliminations.

Smoky Quartz

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