These linghans run about an inch  or so in length and as is their nature, vary in size and markings. The one you receive may not look exactly like the above picture as they are ALL different. Linghams represent the divine polarity of male & female, body and spirit, and originally all came from the Narmada River in India, For the past 10-15 years though, the natural rivers stones were depleted by local tourist and the faithful alike who bathed in the holy waters to cleanse their spirits. Since then, most of the Shivas we(meaning ALL crystal shops) get come from a mine near the river and are hand shaped, then polished to emulate the origianl stones. I believe they still hold onto that energy as they are from the same mineral veins in that area of India, only these stones are not being dug up in the river bed, but on land. (And anyone who tells you different is probably lying- check it out yourself online) The Shiva Linghams  are a form of cryptocrystalline quartz with other minerals embedded that make for the color variations and markings. They are revered by the HIndus and are/ were gathered once a year by devotees as the Narmada river is considered one of Indias 7 Holy Sites.  They are used in healings to activate all 7 chakras and help one in meditations pursuing spiritual evolution and enlightment. Each pendant will come with a black cord .

Shiva Lingham Pendants