These sticks range in the 8- 10 inch long catagory and CURRENT STOCK IS about an inch or more in width, (larger than our last grouping) These pieces vary greatly in form, but all work the same. These are just fantastic for using in crystal grids, just laying several of them around you in a layout to enhance your meditations or for stress release in general. Selenite can break easily especially in this form, but no matter, even if your sticks break in half because they were dropped or whatever, the smaller pieces are just as effective, and are often sold as such in many places. ( Its what the distributors do when they get broken ones in their lots, they size them out and sell them for the same price per pound, just describe them as 4-5 inch pieces instead of 8-10 inch pieces!)  This raw form of selenite does shed  little fibers, so please, keep away from children and pets!

Selenite Sticks


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