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The Mother of all crystals, quartz is piezo-electric meaning it can hold an electric charge. This quality makes it very programmable, meaning you can use it for anything or any healing you would like simply by focusing your intent into the crystal. If you need it for stress release, cleanse it after buying, and hold it in your hands sending it calming, tranquil thoughts. Tell it to help you in times of need, then carry it with you. Just holding and rubbing it when you are under duress will help to calm you down. This crystal works best when you cleanse it by sitting it in the sun for at least a few hours every few days when you use it regularly. (Or cleanse it under running water or by smudging, whichever is best for you.) Its a great 'starter' crystal for anyone. Hold it over your chakra centers when you want to align them, focusing on the increase in energy it can give to clearing them of negative energies or blockages. Quartz works well with all the other crystals and can be used as a meditation aid when attempting to elevate your spirit to higher levels. Our current stock is running around an inch or over in size.

Quartz Crystal

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