These aromatheraputic Misters are carefully blended by me and come in several varieties : Serenity, formulated to relieve stress & anxiety, calming the atmosphere around you with the scent of jasmine, lavender, ylang ylang and other light floral notes to calm your soul. Sweet Dreams, a spritz over your bed at night will help you drift off, featuring the soothing scent of lavender, rose & other  proven scents to help lull your brain to sleep. Protecton is specially mixed to rid the air of negative energies based on sage and other protective oils. as well as having some tourmaline or hematite crystals inside the bottle to further enhance its protective qualities.  Love  will help put you in the mood or attract a special someone into your life (we put rose quartz or heart hakra stones in this bottle.)   Prosperity, spray helps to attract abundance into your life. Just spray your doorway or yourself. We spray it in the shop every time it seems to be a slow day and it usually helps us!  Happy  is the mister to use when someone is feeling down or apathetic. The bright citrus notes in this mister help bring a little sunshine back into your spirit.  Each one our misters is infused with just the right scent of essential oils and stones to bring about the desired result. Please choose from our drop down list the mister of your choice.  Comes in 4 oz.plastic sprayer bottle,  Perfect for gift giving or for yourself!     As with all sprays and misters of this type, we cannot guarentee results, but find that most people are happy with their purchase and tend to come back and by them again.

Misting Sprays


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