Smaller points about an inch in size but nice for increasing your metabolism or helping with digestive issues and of course, using to make crystal water for dieting.  Citrines sunny energy is useful in perking up your spirits and helping to relieve depression.( Crystal water is where , AFTER you have washed your stone and rinsed it, you set it in a jar, glass or container of water to sit overnight. This allows the crystal time to energize the water, just TAKE OUT the stone BEFORE you drink the water. REally, it would be a choking hazard otherwise. It is believed the energized water will act to increase your metabolism to help you lose weight. The stone can be used again and again for this purpose.  Please be aware that NOT all stones are good for making crystal water, some can be toxic,(malachite for one) and some will degrade( any of the selenites)

Citrine Points