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 This crystal is a form of quartz & can bring a little sunshine into your life, increasing self confidence and building your inner strength. Related to the solar plexus chakra, it's great for stomach ailments and digestive troubles when used in healing layouts or kept close on a regular basis. Also considered to help with dieting, it tends to keep me moving about when worn, burning extra calories rather than diminishing my appatite, however it helps with will power and sometimes that is al the edge you need!  Citrine water can be drunk as well by placing the stone in a glass of water over night then drinking the water the next day after it has absorbed the energy of the crystal. (Wash the stone first- refridgerate if you like, then TAKE THE STONE OUT OF THE GLASS OR BOTTLE before drinking  so as not to accidently choke on the stone in your throat!  Citrine can help put that smile back on your face, help balance your upper digestive tract and clear blockages in your solar plexus chakra when used in cleansing meditations.


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