Herbs & Botanicals- Please note that we purchase our supplies from reputable spice companies. However, some of these products have been processed on machinery that processes tree nuts and peanuts, so those with allergies, please beware.  We package most all of our herbs in 3 x 5 zip lock bags. Due to the difference in the nature of some of the plant parts we sell them by weight, not volume. (Leafy parts and flower tops are generally light weight and bulky, filling a bag completely, and roots and barks are heavier in weight and may only fill bag 1/2 to 3/4. All our herbs & botanicals are sold for Ritual Use ONLY- not for ingestion!  And don't be smoking things you don't know the effects of ! Serious medical issue could result.

Herbs not Pictured- 

This is listing of other herbs currently in stock but not yet put out with pictures and description.  Very time consuming to do that and thought this was easier way for you to get the herbs you need now, without waiting for  their official posting.  Just choose herb from drop down list and price will appear on page (First you have to click on the picture of Herbs not pictured!)  If you know what you are looking for, then you know what  it is good for and how to use it.  Will post them as others at a later date. Sorry for inconvenience.