Crystals & Stones
Crystals & stones have been used for centuries by man to not only help with healing but for their other perceived attributes such as to attract love, prosperity and most importantly, to give courage and protection in battle. Today we are rediscovering their many traits and using them in our daily lives.  By clicking on the stone you will read which attributes it offers. The important thing to remember is that not all stones work the same for each individual person. We are all made up of energetic vibrations and sometimes we simply are more in sync with one stone over another. The best guide is to go with the stone that you feel attracted to the most. It's all subjective, but if the stone you choose doesn't seem to help, then try another one and pass the first stone to a friend. It might just work better with them!   Please be aware that since these are natural formations, the pictures used are only representative of the actual stone. They all vary in color, shape and size . We strive to send you one of our best whenever you order online.  Most of our stones are about 1 inch or more in width. If they are smaller it will be indicated in the description.

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