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About The Crystal Wand

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We opened the shop in May of 2010 carrying a variety of miscellaneous items.  From a suggestion by one of our customers to increase our mystical items, we have grown into a true metaphysical shop that includes Wiccan and Pagan ritual supplies, Healing Crystals, Divination tools and a variety of books on the subjects that are near and dear to us.

Unfortuantely, as we were entering our 11 th year a fire broke out when a car ran off the road and into the building nextdoor, (just nearly missing us) however the resulting explosion as it burst into flames , ripped thorugh the left side of our building as well, and the entire inside was destroyed by fire and water. (almost biblical)  Everyone who lived above and behind us got out safely, however we were all displaced.

Our new home was found at 223 Baltimore St., several blocks closer to the square, (pictured on left) however, this building has sold and we are currently looking, once again for a new home! We are hoping our next move is our last, however the cost of properties in Gettysburg is beyond our means. So we are hoping to find a nice stable place that offers a long renewable lease. Wish us luck!

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